I Will Not Be Silent

I Will Not Be Silent
(Praying the Psalms)

“Lives are not lived on the mountaintop. All pathways wind around boulder-sized problems, past treacherous crevasses of decisions, through dark valleys of sin, and across arid desert times of turning away, as well as over lush hills of obedience. But through it all, our Lord walks with us. God offers holy support, whether we choose to accept it or not. He yearns to hear our prayers.

In the good times, we find it easy to sing our praises and to thank the Lord. But let us not be silent during the difficult times. Remember to praise with the promises and thank our God in all circumstances. Fill your prayers with thanksgiving for blessings.

Who am I to have written this book?
I am a child of God.”

Book Reviews:

An excellent book to start the day with. It gets you in the right frame of mind. What I found with these prayers was that no problem was too big to solve. It was great to start each day with this book!

– Andy J.A. –

The book I Will Not Be Silent (Praying the Psalms) is a must-read for people who are deeply committed to their religion. Additionally, it is a valuable tool for people who may have strayed from worship and devotion to God and are searching for spiritual guidance to once again return to a loving relationship with their Savior. Sharon Dexter’s book is also a wonderful read for those of us who are seeking inspirational direction apart from a desire or need to become part of an organized religion. Her writings are a text book about the importance of engaging in a daily examination of our own lives, and then translating that examination into an action plan for self-improvement and committing to build a loving relationship with God. From this decision to form a loving relationship with God arises a better understanding of self and the will to show compassion and love to our fellow human beings. Sharon has a gifted knack of explaining complex issues in a way that is easy to understand and easily applied to our lives. I found I Will Not Be Silent (Praying the Psalms) to be both entertaining and inspirational. I would recommend getting a copy for yourself and referring to it often.

– William Cetin –

I keep this book by my reading chair, so that every morning I can include a page or two along with my Bible and other daily devotional books that I read. Ms. Dexter’s writings give me comfort because I love the Psalms, and she has a way of making them more real to me. Her books are a true testament to her Christian faith and love for God.
– Linda Schilthelm –