Conversations With God

Conversations With God

When I pray, and distractions appear,
And I request You to walk with me,
We’ll make all those distractions
A part of our conversation.

And God says,
“Look for Me . . . Expect Me . . .
I set My vision of Hope before you
To anchor your soul.”

Sometimes we babble at God, and sometimes He seems to answer us. Usually the answer we think we hear is exactly the words we needed at the time. Conversations with God is an attempt to discuss thoughts such as how He wants us to change, or about our choices while we are in His presence, or how He wants us to help others. But God always desires that we give Him our thanks and praises.

Book Reviews:

Conversations with God is a book of gentle and inspired devotions to enrich the spirit, creating a deeper connection with the One who always loves us. Sharon Dexter’s writing flows so easily that the words melt into your soul as you read them. This is the perfect book to read upon rising in the morning or right before bed to either begin or end your day with spiritual and uplifting messages. Sharon’s gift of writing about God and His love for us is a beautiful gift we all should embrace and enjoy.

– Jodi Heisz – Author