I must submit
In order to be free;
I must give up
That I may have it all.
I must lose the shadows
To find abundant Light,
I must relinquish life
In order to live again

Do Not Allow

Do not allow discontent to ensnare.
Discontentment robs you of joy and peace.
Don’t allow the world to tempt you further.

There’s always “more” of what you could desire.
Things can always be “bigger” and “better.”
Don’t allow “wants” to be greater than “needs,”
But learn to be content with what you have.


Lord, I know, from past experiences,
All will be well indeed.
It is only in the interim
That we ask our questions.

In this dreary, weary land, O Lord,
Where I am now searching,
This, my “interim time,” is so hard;
Your love seems far away.

In the darkness of my nighttime fears,
When sin looms over me,
Still, I realize all will be well
When Your light dawns again.

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