A Preposterous Promise

After the people made that golden calf,
Then it was God promised, “I’ll be with you.”
Treks into wilderness are arduous,
But they’re assured, “I’ll give you rest.”

When you go to Him when you are weary,
When life is a struggle just to survive,
Jesus will be with you in your crisis.
Just stop, rest awhile, and trust Him.

We need not be anxious, for God will guide,
Provide, and protect, and nourish each soul.
Whatever your circumstance, God will be
With you, for that is His promise.

What Would It Be Like

What would it be like in this world of ours,
If we, like Mary, said, “Yes, let it be
According to Your wishes, O Lord.”
What would it be like, in this world of ours,
If we would say. “Yes,” to the Lord, our God
With little or no understanding.

What would it be like if we were to choose
Not to just “talk”, if we’d choose to serve You.
Lord, could we make any difference
If we’d faithfully obey Your commands,
And gave up control of our changing world?
(Which we’ve never had in the first place!).

What would it be like if we’d just proclaim
“Yes!” to Your way, Your word, and Your promise;
“Yes” to You, Lord, whatever Your wish!


What is the cost of discipleship
What is the cost of following You?
What is the cost of seeking Your word?
What is the cost of Your call?

You’ve already paid the cost, in full;
All was pre-paid by You, on the cross.
O, Jesus, how could I hesitate,
When You have suffered so much?

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