Everyday demands
May irritate and annoy me;
But if I face each crisis
With honor and dignity,
I prove my daily walk remains
With You, O my Lord.

Best Friends

In the song, I will sing,
I’m “Joint heirs with Jesus”,
But that’s not how I feel,
For I’d prefer to shout
I’m BEST FRIENDS with Jesus,
For as we walk He’ll take my hand,
And lead me where He wants to be.
In quiet and in solitude,
We sit, we speak, we merely ARE–
Together, best friends, forever.

Where Are the Blessings?

Where are the blessings I have missed
Because I refused to listen?
What treasures are beside the road
I did not travel with You?

You asked me, Lord, to walk with You
Along the road of suffering souls.
But, I refused, and I went off
By another way–alone.

What blessings could there be, O Lord,
Where life is always so unfair?

I’ll not need more; not as they do!
Lord, let them have my treasures.

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