To Go Beyond

God moves as the river,
Swiftly or as slowly
Gathering in,
Pushing us out
To go beyond ourselves.

Actively, he sought me.
Rescued from deepest sin,
I’m gathered in,
Empowered by Love,
To go beyond myself.

Morning Prayer

Lord, as I begin this day with You,
Open my eyes to see;
Whatever You wish to tell me, Lord,
Open my ears to hear;
Whatever You hope I understand,
Open my mind to know;
And what You have for me to do,
Open my heart to action.

From the Bedrock

From the bedrock of God’s love,
Springs of mercy flow upon me.
Through the purity of grace
He requests that I love others.

From the bedrock of my faith
I proclaim my love for Jesus.
If I not love a brother,
How could I then claim I follow?

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