Where Are the Blessings?

Where are the blessings I have missed
Because I refused to listen?
What treasures are beside the road
I did not travel with You?

You asked me, Lord, to walk with You
Along the road of suffering souls.
But, I refused, and I went off
By another way–alone.

What blessings could there be, O Lord,
Where life is always so unfair?

I’ll not need more; not as they do!
Lord, let them have my treasures.

Another Experience

I’ve had another experience;
Another I’m not too sure about.
I have a couple questions to ask;

Was this experience meant for me,
To help me to grow even closer?
Or, was it meant to make me useful,
For You, Lord, to use as example?

If You sent me this experience
In order that I might be useful,
Did outcome display needed changes?


Because of Your love, I will love.
Because of my love, I’ll obey.

I feel You by my side
When troubles come to call.
You guide me through the pains of life,
And hold me, lest I fall.
It wasn’t always thus.
For I ignored Your aid.
I wadded deeply into sin,
And stumbled on the way.

You came to where I lay,
A filthy, mucked-up life,
Held our Your hand, and pulled me up.
“My child,” You said. “My love.”
“How could You love,” I asked,
“when I’ve ignored You so?”
You held me close, and smiled at me.
“I died for you, you know.

So now my way is clear,
For You have shown the way.
You’ve taught me how to love You more,
You taught me to obey.
I’m more free than before.
You’ve brought me to Your light
When I am puzzled, or confused,
You show what’s wrong, what’s right.

Because of Your love, I will love.
Because of my love, I’ll obey.

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