The Empty Tomb

“Early, while it was yet dark,”
They went to visit the tomb.
(Would I have gone? Did I attend?)
And, once the disciples
Saw the tomb was empty,
What did they do? They went home!
Would I have merely shrugged,
As in, “Oh–He’s gone?–OK.”
Would I then turn, and go home?

The Elders cautioned Pilate,
“Make sure His tomb is secure!”
So, then, Pilate sent a few guards?
Did he fear that the dead
Would no longer be dead?
How could guards secure the world
Against a miracle?
Lord, with you, there is nothing–
Nothing that’s impossible!

At the World’s Bedside

At the world’s bedside, we sing vigil.
We sit, clutching the closeness of worship;
A fleeting stretch of moments where we
Pit the dark and dread of other times
Against Christian faith, and our vigil.

Needing God is key to our knowing;
Which, then, is key to living the Lord.
The testimony of God will change
How we respond to mercy, and love.
Our joys overflow in God’s presence.

At the world’s bedside we sing “Glory!”
We’ll sing, “Allelujah for mercy”
As we obey the Spirit of Christ,
Expectantly walking with Jesus,
Death is to be but an interlude
Of promise, leading to life with God.

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