The Church

The church was formed to help others.
It’s an honor to “do” for God.
A choice of ministries should be held
To uncommon standards – no compromise.
But, more profound, ministry is “calling”
To be of help to another.
Divine calling is for all God’s people.
Will I listen, will I respond?
It’s not “just work” it is work with God
What is my decision? To serve, or not?
It must be intentional, and heart-felt.

Outlandish Conviction

Buying the field at Anathoth,
Had the outlandish conviction
That God is indeed faithful.

The king, in believing
His own power was enough,
Despised Jeremiah,
And thought to silence the prophet.

In his self-imposed blindness,
In his false security,
He believed the king’s way was right.
Not hearing, he thought doom was averted.

Jeremiah knew the future
Was firmly in God’s hands.
Babylon would conquer, for now,
But God’s will would ultimately prevail.

Where is my conquering Babylon?
Where does my future lie?
Have I the outlandish conviction
Of knowing God will ultimately prevail?

Long Ago

Long, long ago, in the mind of God,
The story of Jesus began.
And, in that very moment of love,
God thought of you, me, and the world.
Each eternal moment was measured
In light of His plans for His Son.
And, from long ago to the present,
“All” we must do — is believe Him.
In believing, loving, and trusting,
We accept His role in our lives;
We willingly give Him all control,
And follow His way, not our own.

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