Are You Humble?

Are you humble, in demeanor?
Do you seek Him day by day?
Are you looking for your Savior,
For the nearness of your God?

You might just find Him in your heart
In your soul, from deep within.
He is there, if you’ll but seek Him
He is there, in times of woe.

He is there in times of darkness,
He is there to be your Light.
Even when you cannot see Him,
He’s still there, within your life.

Joy Overflows

Choosing Your way, the way of Life,
My heart is glad, my joy is complete.
In Your presence will I find my joy,
For as the Father has loved the Son,
So also am I loved – and Beloved.
My heart overflows with love,
My joy overflows to others.

A Feast

A gorgeous sunset is
a feast for the eyes.
God’s grace – a feast for the soul.
A feast at a banquet
May fill the body,
His bread and wine fill the heart.

Bread, wine, God’s grace and God’s love–
A feast – whatever
You wish to make of it.
Everyone is invited—
His table is set.
Come, kneel, eat, and worship.

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