He Created Stars

He who counts the stars, and calls them by name
Is He who proclaims that I am His child.
He who created worlds in their glory
Also created me, in His image.

Yes, Lord, it is You who created my soul,
You live within me, and guide all my ways.
I’ll listen to You, and do as You ask;
I’ll honor Your name, worship You only.

As You created and named all the stars,
You have created, and named every child.
I must remember to love every one
’Cause each one I meet is Your child, O Lord.

At my very best, it’s sometimes so hard,
Yet, still, I am called to love anyway.
Because I am Yours, I’ll promise to try;
And I know You’re with me, because I’m Yours.

God’s Acceptance

God’s acceptance of you
Is not based on your “goodness”
You are always in God’s own heart,
For God has said you are His delight!

You cannot become “good”
Without God’s gift of His grace.
His grace is always sufficient
For everyone, including for you.

God loves each, equally,
And He will delight in each.
Far beyond merely “acceptance,”
God loves you. He’s proved it through Jesus!


Today I will have a hard conversation
With my Lord about His demands
Of my faithful obedience,
And my sense of His absence;
And what I expect of His actions.

I will listen to His promises,
And I will think about how I live,
My obedience and freedom,
And whom I will welcome.
And what He’ll expect of my actions.

Lord, these issues will be difficult, at best,
Because I’m not sure how I feel.
Lord, I know I have sinned,
And been disobedient.
My actions will change, Lord, I promise!

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