You have given me the gift
Of the freedom, Lord, to choose.
If choice is sin, I turn away,
And my consequence is death.

When I choose to follow You,
When my choice is to obey,
This gives me life eternal.

Your gift of freedom gives me choice;
My choice to follow gives me freedom.


No one can ever know, or see, of even imagine
What God has in store, waiting for you.
He prepared it in advance of your needs—
It is ready, just waiting, now,
For you to acknowledge God.
He promised to reveal all His secrets to you,
Those hidden before the creation of the world,
Because He delights in you.
Yes, truly – he delights in you!
There are no strings attached to His gifts,
No pre-requisites you must first adhere to.
His gifts are free, through His Spirit.
All he has given us,
From family to friends,
Even to the time in which we live,
All he has granted us.
His love travels from first to the last,
From eternal past to eternal future.
His wisdom, his truth,
His generosity, and his love
Each, and all, are endless.

This is all true –
For I’ve read it in His holy Word.

Armor of God

Part of God’s armor is the sword of the Spirit.
Why leave it at home, to rust in a corner?
Why hold a short dagger (few verses remembered),
When God offers us the sword of His Word,
Constructed to take all evil away?

When willingly taking all help you’re offered,
Each weapon God issued to help you succeed,
Then, when it’s all over, except for the shouting,
You’ll still be standing, praising the Father
For this sword, His Word, protecting from harm

Ephesians 6:10-20

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