Armor of God

Part of God’s armor is the sword of the Spirit.
Why leave it at home, to rust in a corner?
Why hold a short dagger (few verses remembered),
When God offers us the sword of His Word,
Constructed to take all evil away?

When willingly taking all help you’re offered,
Each weapon God issued to help you succeed,
Then, when it’s all over, except for the shouting,
You’ll still be standing, praising the Father
For this sword, His Word, protecting from harm

Ephesians 6:10-20

A Season

Often, it seems, that evil reigns.
We’ll go through a season of brokenness,
Do not despair, for the Lord surely reigns.
Open your heart, for He‘ll yet send
A season for restoration.

In deserts, chasing mirages,
And encountering delusions;
When your heart is closed, you can’t see the truth.
So, you’ll remain in your desert
Until you’ll seek after the Lord

When you seek more than a season,
If you’ll open your heart and invite Him,
He will dwell within, and will guide your path.
For God is kind, and He’s loving;
His mercy endures forever.

Adam’s Garden

Adam and Eve traded their garden,
Where all was peaceful and calm,
For murder, for mayhem, for chaos.
Welcome to our brave new world!

In life, hurt is inevitable.
To stay hurt is an option.
Please, don’t choose to refuse the blessing
The Lord, your God, holds for you.

Though Adam and Eve traded their world
For one bent upon evil,
Not only are we “allowed” to call,
But God delights when we do!

So, call out loud to the Lord your God
Whenever you’re in trouble.,
And rest assured, He will answer you;
Listen for His words of grace.

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