A Call To Arms

A Call To Arms

Do Christians need a call to arms?

What form would such a call take, and how could we respond to this call?

A Call To Arms uses poetry in a “Shoulda – Woulda – Coulda” format to explore these questions. Isn’t life already over-burdened? Why should anyone add even more to their life? But – IF – and I do mean IF – one would decide to listen to a call to do more, how could one respond to God within their present circumstance? What difference could one individual do in the entire scheme of life? The author contends that, if we do not try, we will never know.

Book Reviews:

A Call To Arms, as with any of Sharon Dexter’s books, is thought provoking and easy to read. Sharon takes the circumstances of everyday life we all have and puts prayerful words to those thoughts and feelings. She puts into prayers what I am unable to articulate.

– Peggy Bray