Lord, I know, from past experiences,
All will be well indeed.
It is only in the interim
That we ask our questions.

In this dreary, weary land, O Lord,
Where I am now searching,
This, my “interim time,” is so hard;
Your love seems far away.

In the darkness of my nighttime fears,
When sin looms over me,
Still, I realize all will be well
When Your light dawns again.

Two Other Crosses

Two other crosses stood there on that hill,
Each representing God’s gift of choice.
One man chose death, the other chose life.
We have been granted the same choice as they.
All your bad choices, redeemed by the one.

Two other crosses, silently standing,
Prove we have choices: to die, or live.
With each bad choice redeemed by Jesus,
Will you die unredeemed, or live in love?
Make your choice to live through His living grace