A Feast

A gorgeous sunset is
a feast for the eyes.
God’s grace – a feast for the soul.
A feast at a banquet
May fill the body,
His bread and wine fill the heart.

Bread, wine, God’s grace and God’s love–
A feast – whatever
You wish to make of it.
Everyone is invited—
His table is set.
Come, kneel, eat, and worship.

Do You See Me?

Do You see me, as I am, Lord?
Do you see my evil?
Are You there, Lord, when I cry out
Will You answer my cry?”

Will you look at me with loathing
When I cry out to You?
Will you satisfy my longing?
Will You forgive my sins?

Though I cry out in self-hatred,
I will believe You care,
For I have known your mercy, Lord;
I’ve seen Your grace at work.

In my heart are many riches;
Riches You have given
If I’d but open up my life
To You, O Lord, to heal.

Do You see me as I am, Lord;
Do You see potential?
Help me, then, Lord, as I’m changing
To become more giving.