As the men from Emmaus
Reached the end of their journey
They invited the stranger
To stay and sup with them.
As He took and blessed the bread,
As He broke it, their eyes cleared.
Finally, they recognized
The man was Jesus Christ.

Holy Scriptures testify
To Jesus Christ as Savior.
To make sense of life and death
Rely on Him to save.
We can encounter Jesus
When we open up our eyes,
Then will recognize Him
As Risen Jesus Christ.

As we pretend to worship
Just going through the motions,
Do we expect to see Him,
The Risen Christ, our Lord?
We say we truly love Him
Therefore, we ask for guidance
And as we follow Jesus
How will our lives be changed?

Decide to Change

When you decide to change
You will become more “you,”
More like the person
That God had in mind
When He first thought of you.

Once you decide to change
And seek to choose the Lord,
You know you’ll find Him
For you are closer
To a greater reward.

When you decide to change,
When He’s at work within you,
The barriers go down,
Hatred’s forgotten
In the love of Jesus Christ.

When you decide to change
And read God’s word daily,
Feeding on His word
You will find yourself,
And follow God’s desires.