Which way should I prepare?
According to the Psalm *
I should concentrate on sin,
Yet, the Prophet would say, **
I need to choose life.
O Lord, I wish to follow
Whatever would be Your will,
But, I would like to think
About life this year instead.
I’ll need to clean dark corners,
With help, I know I can,
But on the whole, I’ll choose to live!

What will this mean this year?
According to the Psalm *
I’ve lived in filth, and darkness.
And yet, the Prophet says **
I still should choose life.
I know it won’t be easy
To repent of all my sins,
Yet now I know those acts
Are what nailed You to that cross!
So, I’ll begin with corners,
With help, they will come clean.
With help, O Lord, I choose to live!

* Psalm 51
** Ezekiel 18

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