Blank Spots

There is a blank space in my life,
And so far, God’s not filled it.
I’m waiting for directions, Lord;
It won’t be filled without You.

There once resided in my heart,
A huge and fearsome blank spot.
I could not fill with worldly things
That pit that lay within me.
But then a friend brought me to church
And there, O Lord, You showed me
How Your Son, the Christ, my Savior
Willingly died on that cross
My blackened soul was filled with light;
You lovingly forgave me,
And all my sins were burned away
As I accepted Jesus.

Since then, I’ve learned to wait for You
In patience and obedience,
With expectations that my Lord
Will fill my life with mercy.


Dazzling shades, vibrant hues,
A visual feast of color,
The maples bleed their life-breath.
Do they feel the pain of mini-death,
From green to scarlet hues?
When prime has passed,
They subtly change to dried-blood.
Majestic oaks of liquid-gold,
With morning sun vibrating through
The shimmering leaves ….
God-created Nature’s jewels.