Walking Rustic Roads

Another hill.
Is this the fifth
or the fifteenth?
I’ll stop by this fence–
just a bit–
catch my breath.

Wouldn’t live out here.
murder in winter.
Sure is pretty though–
birdsong crazy–
drives me nuts.

Mother Nature–
Best in small doses.

A Season

Often, it seems, that evil reigns.
We’ll go through a season of brokenness,
Do not despair, for the Lord surely reigns.
Open your heart, for He‘ll yet send
A season for restoration.

In deserts, chasing mirages,
And encountering delusions;
When your heart is closed, you can’t see the truth.
So, you’ll remain in your desert
Until you’ll seek after the Lord

When you seek more than a season,
If you’ll open your heart and invite Him,
He will dwell within, and will guide your path.
For God is kind, and He’s loving;
His mercy endures forever.