God Delights In Us

When we offer God our best,
When we try to do what’s right,
God will guide us on our path,
He’ll lead to spacious vistas
Because God delights in us.

When we move from attempting
To comprehend God’s wonders,
God’s mysteries of heaven,
And move toward just believing–
Then, God so delights in us!

Happy New Year

May this year be your best year yet!
Be a ‘A good year” — as man would see it:
With good health, and with prosperity;
With contentment, peace, and joy;
Fulfilling self
And growing closer
To your heart.

But even more, my wish for you
Is for a “good year” as God sees it:
With healthy spirit to see others;
And prosperity of grace;
Fulfilling soul
And growing closer
To your Lord.