I Give You Thanks

Lord, You have pardoned
All my iniquities.
You forgave the lies I’ve told,
And all things I have ever taken.
For all you have forgiven, Lord,
I give You my thanks.

Forgive me for any hatred of others,
And for the prejudices I once held;
People I have hurt with careless words,
And the many sins I’ve already forgotten.
Forgive also my stubborn pride,
And all my wandering thoughts.
For Your forgiveness, Lord,
I give You grateful thanks.

Plus, O Lord, forgive
All I should have done, yet did not see,
And those actions I purposely refused to do.
You have removed my sins from me,
And I give You thanks.

You do not hold these things against me,
Not once I had repented.
Instead, You have satisfied my years
With good things.
You have set the crown of Your love,
And of Your compassion,
Upon me.
For all these, my sins, O Lord,
I heartily give You all my thanks,
And all my praise!


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