I Give You Thanks

Lord, You have pardoned
All my iniquities.
You forgave the lies I’ve told,
And all things I have ever taken.
For all you have forgiven, Lord,
I give You my thanks.

Forgive me for any hatred of others,
And for the prejudices I once held;
People I have hurt with careless words,
And the many sins I’ve already forgotten.
Forgive also my stubborn pride,
And all my wandering thoughts.
For Your forgiveness, Lord,
I give You grateful thanks.

Plus, O Lord, forgive
All I should have done, yet did not see,
And those actions I purposely refused to do.
You have removed my sins from me,
And I give You thanks.

You do not hold these things against me,
Not once I had repented.
Instead, You have satisfied my years
With good things.
You have set the crown of Your love,
And of Your compassion,
Upon me.
For all these, my sins, O Lord,
I heartily give You all my thanks,
And all my praise!

As I Age

As I age,
I become more concerned with the details of life.
I find I’ve very little control
About the bigger life issues:
The slowing down,
The increasing inability
To do what my mind says I still can;
So, my body just laughs.

As I age,
I become more concerned with the details of life:
Like the placement of the bathmat,
About not leaving the hose on the lawn
But returning it to its place by the house,
Where it belongs

As I age,
I’m unable to travel as I would desire,
But I can still travel through a book.
I’m unable to work the hours I did,
So I have more time for my Devotions.
I’m unwilling to dwell on my aches and pains,
So I can dwell instead on what God wants of me.
If unable to do,
Still, I can pray!

As Promised

Two or three are gathered
In Your name, O Jesus,
And there You were, among us
In our hearts and on our minds,
Just as You had promised.

We are Yours, O Jesus,
You are the Lord, our God.
Out of us will come the flow
Of Your mercy, love and grace,
Just as You had promised.

Barriers will never stop
The flow of Your own love.
Rivers flow around or through
Obstacles that try to b lock,
Just as You had promised.

Believing in the Lord,
He will nourish you
A mighty river torrent
Of blessings to give others–
Just as You had promised.

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