Author Bio

Sharon Dexter is a retired elementary teacher with over 30 years of experience. She was an Elder of her church, worked with various ministries, and co-taught Leadership Training classes. She and her husband, Gerry, live in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Ms. Dexter wrote and published the devotional 52 Favorite Verses (Old Testament) for the Chapel on the Hill congregation. Her short stories and poems are published in a variety of magazines and Sunday take-home papers. She wrote the devotional I Will Not Be Silent, Praying the Psalms (Westbow Press) in 2011. Books of religious poetry soon followed: Surrender to the Silence (eLectio Publishing in 2013), Sing Into the Silence (Green Ivy Publishing in 2015), Conversations with God (Christian Faith Publishing in 2016), The Promise- from Advent to Today (Yorkshire Publishing in 2016), The Seasons of The Soul (Page Publishing, Inc. in 2017), A Call to Arms (Yorkshire Publishing, 2017), Playing God’s Music (Page Publishing, Inc. in 2018), An Overflowing Vessel (Page Publishing in 2018), and A Declaration of Faith (Global Summit House in 2019).

“Conversations With God” is Sharon’s fourth publication.

Sometimes we babble at God, and sometimes He seems to answer us. Usually the answer we think we hear is exactly the words we needed at the time. Conversations with God is an attempt to discuss thoughts such as how He wants us to change, or about our choices while we are in His presence, or how He wants us to help others. But God always desires that we give Him our thanks and praises.

Sharon has a natural talent for writing about the every day…happenings of magnitude, small joys and sorrows as well as the grandeur of nature. Always underlying is the ever-loving presence of God expressed throughout her works, which makes them rich and powerful, yet threaded with comfort & hope.

Inspired by her muse, we often can find her writing in the local McDonalds where the slice of life she writes about interacts.

– Ann Reynolds