The Inner Life

The inner life has such beauty.
The light that comes from deep within
Glows forth as the fire of love,
Grasping all who are near
With the love of the Lord, Jesus.

The inner life lives such mercy
Since Jesus became my Savior,
Freely granting forgiveness.
God, Himself, holds me blameless,
Once I’d repented of my sin.

The inner life is not alone!
Even though I had thought him gone,
My Jesus Christ was with me;
Exactly as he’d promised,
And he’ll always remain with me!


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Which way should I prepare?
According to the Psalm *
I should concentrate on sin,
Yet, the Prophet would say, **
I need to choose life.
O Lord, I wish to follow
Whatever would be Your will,
But, I would like to think
About life this year instead.
I’ll need to clean dark corners,
With help, I know I can,
But on the whole, I’ll choose to live!

What will this mean this year?
According to the Psalm *
I’ve lived in filth, and darkness.
And yet, the Prophet says **
I still should choose life.
I know it won’t be easy
To repent of all my sins,
Yet now I know those acts
Are what nailed You to that cross!
So, I’ll begin with corners,
With help, they will come clean.
With help, O Lord, I choose to live!

* Psalm 51
** Ezekiel 18

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